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Dear fans of Contemporary Jazz Club. Since April 29, our streaming provider is blocking certain listeners from reaching our Radio Station. As such, TuneIn had us delisted from their catalogue, so you can no longer find us in their app. Since more recently, listeners from a number of countries are being geo-blocked when trying to listen to our program. Among the blocked countries are Japan, South Korea, Russia and South Africa (full list here). Reason for these issues is an ongoing lawsuit about property rights between Sony Music and our streaming provider, which is a subsidiary of Vivendi. Contemporary Jazz Club does not have any influence on these measures, and it remains unclear when and how these issues can be settled.
If you face difficulties listening to Contemporary Jazz Club, please try some alternative listening options below:

Listening via Smartphone
Get the Contemporary Jazz Club App for iOS, Android, Win Mobile and Blackberry
You also find us on (iOS, Android, Win Mobile) or Nobex (iOS, Android)

Listening via PC or Mac
In iTunes and AppleTV, choose “Internet Radio”, where you find us among the Jazz Radio Stations.
Open our direct streaming link in your favorite player:
Check our Facebook Player: Contemporary Jazz Club Facebook Player
Check one of these directories:, SHOUTcast, Radioline, Radiosure, Reciva, Radioshaker, Radioways, Radioforest, Radiodeck, Pure, vTuner, Nobex, Liveradio,Streamfinder, Streema, Musicgoal, and Yourmuze

Listening via Streaming Devices
On Sonos: In the main menu, press “+ Add Music Services” and choose “Radionomy”. Search for Contemporary Jazz Club and save it to your favorites.
On Squeezebox: In the main menu go to “App Gallery” and choose “Radionomy”. Search for Contemporary Jazz Club and save it to your favorites.
Other devices: As of our information, you still find us on devices from Bose, Denon, LG, Samsung, Grace Digital and Pure.

Avoid geoblocking
If you reside in a geo-blocked country, you can listen to us via Yourmuze which bypasses geo-blocking.

We’d like to thank you for being part of our loyal listener base, and we’ll do everything in our power to sort this out soon.
warm regards

Josef Künzli
founder and curator

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