Dear listeners

Since 2014, the webradio and music blog Contemporary Jazz Club is providing a platform for emerging Jazz Artists. I enjoyed very much running that platform as my personal project on a not-for-profit basis, and it was very satisfying to serve a growing listener base with the most noteworthy Jazz releases.

Unfortunately as of January 2020, a new legislation for music licensing of internet radio stations will increase licensing costs of Contemporary Jazz Club to an extend, which I am no longer ready to carry on my own expense. This is why on Jan 1, Contemporary Jazzclub will stop broadcasting.

I´d like to thank to all my listeners and fans for their interest in this project. And as a music lover, I keep being excited about Jazz becoming one of the most exciting musical genres.

keep awesome


contemporary jazz club is a radio station, a blog and a social media channel, with focus on innovative and inspiring music in jazz and beyond. because jazz as a genre made enormous progress in recent years, laying off the image of being an easy-to-listen, stuck-in-the-past music form.

we focus on contemporary artists and their latest releases, we focus on innovation and inspiration that will further develop the genre. no post bop, no standards, no classics, no smooth jazz.

tune-in and discover what your spotify would never suggest you.

it’s time to think forward.